CDL Training Programs

Find a CDL driver’s license school or trade school near you that offers Class A or Class B commercial driver’s license training programs, and get training to take your CDL test and prepare for a job as an entry level truck driver.

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Use the program search application to connect with a CDL training school near you.

Schools with CDL Training Programs

We work with many local truck driver training schools across the US. Most schools are military friendly (GI Bill) and offer services like job placement and financial aid assistance to students who qualify.

Some schools also have CDL refresher classes, CDL instructor programs, and different endorsements classes(like HAZMAT) available. CDL training is fast and can be completed in just a couple months.

You’ll find entry level jobs with paid training here.

Find CDL Training Near Me

Types of CDL Training Classes

Some truck driving class options available, depending on your location, are:

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • School Bus Driver S endorsement
  • HAZMAT and other endorsements
  • CDL refresher
  • CDL trainer

How Much Do CDL Classes Cost?

“The cost of CDL school varies greatly between $1,500 to about $8,000. But most programs are in the mid to low end of this scale. Prices do not reflect whether or not the education is better, it just could mean that the facility has state-of-the-art equipment for you to learn on, while others’ trucks may not be the latest year.” – How Much Does CDL Training Cost?

Besides becoming a truck driver, there are other jobs where having a CDL license is either necessary or will make your resume look better. Jobs like bus driver, diesel mechanic, transportation manager, and yard switch operator come to mind.



  1. Matthew Key

    Can someone tell me were a CDL training program that is open now in central or eastern ND?

  2. Dana Franklin

    Is their Job placement after completion?

  3. Robert

    Maybe you can help me out. I’m looking for a school near Brownwood, TX to apply as an instructor. I hv 25 years, accident free, driving esperience and it is getting to be the time to where I hang up my saddle.

  4. Stephen James Hall

    Robert, It looks like there is a Drive Pro associated with Ranger College in Early, TX.
    300 Early Blvd. Suite 105

    No affiliation with us at the moment, I just dug around google a little. Good Luck!

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