Diesel Mechanic Training

Find a diesel mechanic training program at an accredited trade school near you. Colleges offer local programs and some schools have courses with a mixture of classroom and online classes. Use the search application to find a school.

What can a diesel mechanic do?

As a diesel mechanic, you work hard, and you get dirty; but, that’s all in a day’s work. The bigger the vehicle you’re working on, the better. Buses, trucks, and basically any other type of automobile that runs on diesel fuel are your patients, and you couldn’t be more satisfied than when you’re operating on them.

  • You look over the work order, determine the scope of work, and consult with the customer.
  • You use charts and manuals to plot out the necessary repairs.
  • You inspect the parts, from the hood to bumper.“[read more]

Colleges with Diesel Mechanic Programs

This is just a sampling, there are more colleges with mechanics courses available. Use the program search application to find your local options.

How do I become a certified diesel mechanic?

  • Get your high school diploma or GED.
  • If you’re lucky enough to find on-the-job training, expect 3-4 years of training. Oh, and skip the next bullet point.
  • Find a community college or trade school that offers certificates or diplomas for diesel engine repair.
  • You’ll have both classroom instruction and hands-on training when you enroll in these programs…“[ref]

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