How much does it cost to go to trade school? The average is around $33,000 for a complete trade school course, but the actual cost of a trade school education depends on the program you choose. The following list includes popular skilled trade and medical training programs that take 2 years or less to complete.

We’re using tuition and fee prices from real nonprofit and for-profit trade schools randomly located across the U.S. Near your location, the price may be a little different. Use the program search application to connect with a school near you.

Trade School Tuition & Other Fees Explained

“Tuition” is the cost of the classes and labs. “Other fees” includes necessary things like books, tools, registration fee, technology fee, and others. Room and board is often included in the tuition estimate because that’s how many school calculators work. The student is also responsible for any certification fees required to work in his or her chosen profession.

Trade school financial aid, loans, and grants are not considered in this post and can reduce the total cost substantially. There are also many different scholarships for trade school students to apply for

Automotive Technology Program Cost

An example automotive technology program in FL. is about 1,500 hours long. Including tuition, books, tools, uniforms, registration and other fees, the cost is near average at about $34,000. Find an auto technology program near you.

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Welding Program Cost

A 7-month trade school welding program including tuition and fees, room and board, books, supplies, and other personal expenses can cost close to $32,000. This is at a popular welding school in Oklahoma. That particular estimate includes over $6,000 for room and board, so if you live at home in the city your school is located, the cost could be lower. Find a local welding program.

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Medical Insurance Billing Program Cost

An example 9-month full time medical insurance specialist/medical biller program has an estimated total cost of attendance of about $31,500. This includes tuition and fees at about $14,000. Room and board charges including accommodations and meals is close to $12,500. The cost of cost of books, fees, supplies, and other expenses rounds out the estimate. Find a medical billing course now.

HVAC-R Program Cost

This particular HVAC/R-MAR technician program is in MS. It’s designed to be completed in 35 weeks. This program costs $15,500 if completed within that time frame. That price does not include other expenses like room and board. That, as we learned above, can be costly. Find local HVAC training.

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Medical Assistant Program Cost

This particular medical assistant program in IL. is designed to be completed in 35 weeks. The medical assistant program will cost $15,500 if completed in 35 weeks. There are many different types of medical assistant training programs and this one would be considered in-depth.

There are online medical assistant certificate training programs that take only 6-12 weeks and cost less, but they also don’t cover as much material. Find a medical assistant program near you.

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Electrical Systems Technology Program Cost

This is an example of a 2-year associate degree program. Including tuition, books, uniforms, and other fees the cost is very close to average at $32,000. That’s at a popular for-profit trade school in middle America. Find an electrical technology degree program.

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In the above examples, we try to represent average tuition and fees for respected trade school programs at various locations across the U.S. We hope the list was helpful. As always, the best way to learn about your local trade school costs and financial aid options is to call the admissions department and set up an appointment. Use the search application to find a school near you and good luck!