There are quite a few trade school career training programs with minimal math requirements. Careers like graphic design, human resources, and truck driver all pay well and all require just a little math. There are many others too, here’s a short list to get you thinking.

10 Programs Light on Math

List of ten programs that have minimal math requirements.

Truck Driver

CDL Truck Driver – Little or no math required. There isn’t more than basic math on a CDL license test.


HVAC Technician – You need high school algebra to get into the HVAC technology program.


Licensed Massage Therapist – Only basic math is required to earn a massage therapy license.


Nursing Assistant – One or two basic math courses, no advanced formulas.


Culinary Artist – Again, one or two basic courses, with no formulas to learn.


Graphic Designer – A graphic designer generally only needs basic math.


Dental Assistant – Some basic math and a little accounting for the office.


Restaurant Manager – Some accounting and business math is required.


Cosmetologist – You’ll probably see business math if your program includes management classes.


Lab Technician – This program has the most math requirements on this list. Four credits of math, or 1 college algebra class.

Other Programs

Many programs in the medical field besides those on this list, while requiring some math, don’t require a lot. Careers like medical assistant, healthcare administration and medical coding have high rates of employment so they’re generally a good option.

Find a local trade school.

Obviously, this isn’t an exhaustive list but hopefully it got you thinking. You do not need to be a math whiz to have a great career that pays well.

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