Licensed Massage Therapy Courses (LMT)

Technical Colleges and Medical Vocational Schools with Licensed Massage Therapy courses and Certification training classes like Medical, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Shiatsu, Thai Massage and Acupressure. Find vocational training like LMT in the medical/cosmetology field from a college near you. Online, fast track and classroom/online combo class options are available at some schools.

How long is Massage Therapy training? – between 330-1,000 hours with an average of 600 hours.

“To be eligible to attend massage therapy school, you must be a minimum of 16 years of age and either be a high school graduate or have a GED. But, from there, you should possess certain traits to be successful in the competitive field of massage therapy.[ref]”

Schools with Licensed Massage Therapy Courses

Antonelli Certificate & Degree Courses (OH, MS)

Central MD School of Massage Courses (Frederick)

NHI Accredited Massage Certification Classes (CA)

Center for Natural Wellness Massage Therapy Courses (NY)

Virginia College Trade & Tech Courses

MMC Vocational-Tech Courses (Southeast US)

CHCP Medical Career Certificate Courses (Texas)

Southeastern Institute Medical/Vocational Classes (SC)

Finger Lakes School of Massage Classes (New York)

Dawn Dental/Medical-Assistant Courses (Wilmington)

Daytona College Vocational Classes (Ormond Beach)

Pittsburgh Tech Trade Programs (Oakdale, PA)

Remington College Vocational Courses (across US)

MTI Medical/Trade/Tech Classes (IL, MO)

McCann Vocational-Tech Classes (PA/LA)

BTI Skilled Trade/Medical Vocational Courses (PA)

Daymar College Vocational Classes (OH, KY, TN)

Lincoln Tech Vocational Courses (across US)

ECPI Vocational & Degree Courses (VA, NC, SC, FL)

Platt College Medical & Vocational Courses (OK)

Brightwood Trade-Medical-IT Courses (Campus/Online)

Fortis Medical/Trade Courses (across US)

I of T Vocational Classes (North CA & Oregon)

South Texas Vocational Technical Classes (TX)

Intercoast College Vocational Classes (California)

About LMT School

“Because massage therapists work on bodies, muscles, and tissues, training on human anatomy and physiology will be part of a massage therapy course. Massage therapy students will take courses in kinesiology, which is the study of motion and mechanics of the human body; pathology, history of massage, benefits and effects of massage, laws and regulations of massage therapy, different modalities or types of massage such as Swedish, hot stone, sports, deep tissue, prenatal, and more. There is also the hands-on aspect of massage therapy school which is the training portion of a class. The instructor will demonstrate the lesson and then the class will typically break down into groups where they will work on each other[ref].

How much do LMT courses cost?

“With massage therapy school averaging between 500-600 hours, the bottom line cost of the education is approximate $6,000-$10,000 before the necessary school supplies are purchased. If you go to a community college, the cost of the course runs on par with the school’s tuition per credit hour, but private massage therapy schools will have different prices. Massage therapy school prices can range anywhere between $6-$17 per hour of class time with an average of $9-$10/hour of education. The shorter the massage therapy program is, the less it will cost. Some programs do include the cost of the chair or table which runs around $500[ref].

Reference: Licensed Massage Therapist Career – Education, Jobs & Salary