There are many types of trade school, technical and medical vocational careers that only require 6 weeks to 2 years of school before you’re ready for a top paying entry-level job in that field. Some of these careers have paid on the job training. There are a large number of skilled trade, vocational technical and healthcare skills that take only a few weeks to 2 years to learn. Here are a few:

Highest paying careers where you can get on the job training

Most careers that train on-the-job will pay you as you learn. Here’s a bunch of careers that take you from training to working in 2 years associates degree or less. These jobs all pay top salaries to start!

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Career Starting Salary Median Pay Top 10%
Civil Engineering $35,000 $67,000 $130,000
Computer Science $41,000 $68,000 $120,000
Mechanical Engineering $42,000 $68,000 $129,000
Mech. Engineering Technology $43,000 $68,000 $79,000
Dental Hygiene $62,000 $70,000 $98,000
Electrical Engineering $42,000 $71,000
Construction Management $45,000 $73,000
Management Information Systems $44,000 $76,000
Economics $37,000 $77,000
Computer Engineering $41,000 $77,000
Computer Programming $43,000 $80,000 $131,000
Electrical & Electronics Engineering $60,000 $93,000 $147,000
Executive Pastry Chef $30,000 $45,000 $102,000
Master Plumber $60,000 $90,000
Radiation Therapist $77,000 $104,000
ICU Nurse $71,000 $107,000
Sheet Metal Worker $63,000 $122,000

Other Vocational Careers with Top Salary Potential

Registered Nurse: You can become a registered nurse through a two-year program at a community college. The reward? It’s a highly paid, emotionally rewarding career. The median annual salary for RN’s is a whopping $65,000.

Air Traffic Controller: An associate’s degree in air-traffic control along with necessary certifications could land you this high-paying, $122,000 a year job.

Architect: “The architect will draw up a detailed rendering of a house plan (click for examples of professional house plans) or business office building, either hand-drawn or through a computer program such as CADD. – Architecture Courses

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