In this article, we’re listing the mean annual salaries of those skilled tradespeople, technical, and medical workers who build buildings, fix cars, organize data, or care for the health of others. These types of jobs pay well and have paths that can begin at a local trade school or technical college.

List of Skilled Trade & Technical Career Salaries (2023)

All listed salaries are the mean pay noted on the official Bureau of Labor Statistics website. The most recent statistics were published in June 2023. Once you have finished your program or apprenticeship and gain experience, you can make substantially more than the salaries listed below.

Auto, Mechanic, & Transportation

From driving and fixing trucks to all types of mechanic careers, these jobs take a couple months to two years to train for. Mean salary info:

Building Contractors & Construction

These workers can be found on all types of building construction and renovation projects. Mean salary info

Math, Science, & Engineering

Math and engineering careers pay very well and the salaries are justified, because they take two to four years of schoolwork to train for. Mean salary info

  • Electrical & Electronic Technician – $74,440
  • Chemical Technician – $60,920
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician – $67,990
  • Mathematician – $119,770

Medical Administration

Students can make a top salary after completing a four year healthcare administration degree program. Medical billing and medical coding certificate training can be completed in a relatively short amount of time compared. Mean salary info

  • Medical & Health Services Managers – $134,440
  • Medical Insurance Biller – $47,120
  • Certified Coding Specialist – $53,690
  • Healthcare Social Worker – $67,430

Medical & Healthcare

Medical and healthcare career opportunities are growing fast. You can make good money in each of these jobs, though the longer you stay in school, the more you’ll usually make starting out. Mean salary info

  • Certified Nursing Assistant – $39,610
  • Dental Assistant – $47,350
  • Dental Hygienist – $89,890
  • Surgical Technologists – $62,250
  • Health Aide – $33,380
  • Licensed Practical Nurse – $60,790
  • Medical Assistant – $43,350
  • Pharmacy Technician – $43,330
  • Phlebotomist – $43,130
  • Physical Therapist Assistant – $65,860
  • Physical Therapist – $100,440
  • Registered Nurse – $94,480

Computer & Information Technology

Though the pay is substantial computer and information technology programs aren’t fast, generally taking two to four years. Mean salary info

  • Computer Programmers – $107,750
  • Computer Network Support Specialist – $78,640


Though these design careers aren’t generally thought of as “trades” many trade schools and technical colleges offer such programs. Mean salary info

  • Dancer – $24.95 per hour
  • Mechanical Drafter – $69,920
  • Photographer – $53,380

Follow the above links to find information about the careers and local schools offering many of these programs. Or, find a local trade school now. Mean salary info

Bonus Info

In this section we’re listing salaries for careers that one could commonly get training for at a trade school.

Cosmetology & Wellness

Careers in beauty normally take six months to one year to train for. Average pay in this category isn’t as much as the others, but an experienced beautician who builds their own clientele can make a lot more. Mean salary info

  • Barber – $41,570
  • Cosmetologist – $41,780
  • Licensed Massage Therapist – $62,560
  • Theatrical Makeup Artist – $68,590

Criminal Justice & Emergency Services

From court reporting to law enforcement, some trade schools specialize in emergency services and criminal justice career programs. Mean salary info

  • Court Reporter – $71,040
  • Paralegal – $66,460
  • Police & Sheriff’s Patrol Officers – $76,550

Culinary Arts & Food Service

These culinary career programs may take from six months to up to four years to complete. Mean salary info

  • Chef/Head Cook – $62,640
  • Baker – $35,550
  • Dietitian & Nutritionists – $71,280
  • Food Service/Restaurant Manager – $69,580