What does an HVAC technician do? HVAC technicians work on equipment that controls the air environment within a building. Whether it’s industrial HVAC systems or residential split systems, today’s “air conditioner repair man” is a highly skilled, technically adept trades-person.

Many future technicians chose HVAC trade school programs to train for their NATE and EPA certifications but there are other options, like apprenticeship. As an HVAC technician your day to day will include:

  • Installing, and repairing different types of HVAC systems
  • Install all the wiring and other components
  • Inspect, test, and monitor all the equipment
  • There is a customer service component where you’ll discuss what’s going on with the customer
  • If there are defective parts, you’ll repair or replace them
  • Make recommendations for optimal HVAC performance
  • You’ll need to keep detailed records of all repairs and conversations you’ve had

HVAC and plumbing contractors are the largest employers of HVAC technicians, but you may also find jobs in the retail industry, as a self employed contractor, and within the educational system.

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How Much Money do HVAC Tech’s Make?

When you first start out as an apprentice, you’ll earn about half of what an entry level HVAC tech earns, but as you gain more experience, your paychecks will get larger. Entry level HVAC technicians earn a median salary of just over $29K. Once you’ve worked for a few years, you can expect your salary to be in the $47K range, reaching to over $75K.

There is good news in the hiring front! There will be over 48K new jobs opening through 2026, which means the job growth is much faster than most other occupations. To increase your chances of getting hired, learn tablet computers, and electronics. Also, fine tune your troubleshooting skills; it’s a very sought after quality.