The term “mechanic” can describe anyone who works on installation, maintenance, and repair of any type of mechanical vehicle. This includes vehicles like cars, watercraft, and airplanes. Auto mechanic, or automotive technician training, is the most common type of trade school mechanic program. But, there are other career niches to consider when thinking about training to become a mechanic.

Types of Mechanic Training Programs

There are different types of mechanic careers where you can take specialized training classes in order to become certified for certain advanced skills. They include:

  • Diesel Mechanic – Diesel mechanics are trained work on vehicles powered by diesel fuel. The types of vehicles a diesel mechanic may work on include buses, trucks, and some cars.
  • Aircraft Mechanic – Aircraft mechanics or aircraft maintenance technicians get training to repair airplanes, jets, helicopters and other types of airborne vehicles.
  • Motorboat Mechanic – Motor-boat or watercraft mechanics are trained work on inboard and outboard boat engines. These vehicles may also include ones with diesel engines.
  • Motorcycle Mechanic – Motorcycle and small engine repair mechanics train to repair vehicles like motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds.
  • Farm Equipment Mechanic – Farm equipment mechanics and ‘caterpillar’ technician are trained to repair agricultural machinery such as tractors and harvesters, Diesel engines power a majority of agricultural equipment.
  • Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanic – Heavy equipment mechanics are the workers trained to repair cranes, bulldozers, graders, and conveyors, used in construction, logging, and similar industries.

There are also areas of specialization within each mechanic niche. For example, auto mechanics can choose to focus on transmissions, tune ups, front-end, brake, or air-conditioning repair. While diesel mechanics can specialize in semi-truck, passenger bus, or inboard watercraft engines.

The more you specialize and earn certifications in one area of mechanics, the more valuable your skills may become.

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Mechanic Salaries

Here’s a list of median salaries for the mechanic careers listed above.

  • Auto Mechanic Salary – $42,090 per year
  • Diesel Mechanic Salary – $48,500 per year
  • Aircraft Mechanic Salary – $64,310 per year
  • Motorcycle Mechanic Salary – $39,970 per year
  • Watercraft Mechanic Salary – $42,330 per year
  • Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanic Salary – $53,370 per year

This information listed above highlights salaries from 2019 and can be found on the official BLS website.