Aircraft Mechanic & Maintenance

Find an accredited aircraft maintenance or airplane mechanic training course at a local trade school or online technical college near you. All listed colleges are accredited and offer financial aid assistance to those who qualify.

Q: What is an aircraft mechanic salary?

A: As an aircraft mechanic, you’ll earn a median annual salary of more than $60K, with the top ten percent in your field earning over the $87K mark. The top paying industries you may want to work in are scheduled air transportation, aerospace product and parts manufacturing.”

Training for FAA certification and careers like:

  • maintenance technical engineer
  • aviation electronics technician
  • aviation maintenance tech
  • airplane maintenance technology
  • helicopter mechanic technology

“You’ll be trained to work on many different types of aircraft, from jets to planes to helicopters and beyond. You can also choose to specialize on specific parts such as wings, motors, hydraulic systems, or any other part of an aircraft you want.”[ref]

Colleges with Aircraft Mechanic Programs

All colleges are not listed here, use the search application to find your local choices.

“Q: What does an aircraft mechanic do?

A: When planes or helicopters are in need of maintenance or repair, it’s an aircraft mechanic that gets the craft up and running smoothly. Your typical daily activities will look a little something like:

  • Running diagnostics to determine any issues
  • Fix any parts that are in need of fixing
  • Inspect for defects
  • Test all the parts using equipment
  • Repair according to the aircraft manual instructions
  • Keep diligent and detailed records
  • Use high tech precision instruments”[ref]


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