Motorcycle Mechanic Training

Find an accredited motorcycle mechanic training program (or, small engine repair) at a trade school or technical college near you.

Specialized tech training available at local trade schools and online technical colleges; learn to diagnose, repair and overhaul motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs and other. Accelerated, weekend class and hybrid (classroom and online mix) options are available depending on your location.

Not all programs are available in all locations, use the search application to find your local options.

Trade Schools with Motorcycle Mechanic Training

“Q: How would I become a motorcycle mechanic?

A: You won’t necessarily need any type of formal education, especially if you’ve been learning from a master. However, a post-secondary education that includes motorcycle technology will definitely make you more marketable for future jobs.

  • You’ll need a high school diploma or GED.
  • Go through a small motors or motorcycle mechanic program, where you’ll learn about motorcycles microcomputers, maintenance, suspension, and engines.
  • Take a manufacturing certification course and specialize even further.
  • Depending on your state, get certified as a motorcycle mechanic.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest in motorcycles by continuing on with your education.”[ref]


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