GED Math Practice Test

This GED® math practice test has questions and answers similar to those that could be asked during your official GED® tests. In this practice test you’ll find questions on probability, order of operations, geometry, and others.


#1. You reach into a bag of jelly beans and eat one. The bag contains the following flavors: 2 cherry, 3 lemon, 1 watermelon, 3 blue raspberry. Find the probability of getting a cherry jelly bean.

Add up the total number of jellybeans: 2 plus 3 plus 1 plus 3 = 9
Divide the number of cherry jellybeans by the total number: 2/9 = .22

#2. Solve: 45−(7+2)9−4(9−1)

The work:
45-(7 2)9-4(9-1)

Learn about PEMDAS:

#3. Solve: √56

#4. If the base of a pyramid is a square, with a length of 6, and the height of the pyramid is 4, what must be the volume?

#5. Write 4.56x10^5 in standard notation

#6. Find the mean, median and mode for this set of numbers: 23, 4, 678, 44, 89, 13, 24, 2345, 4, 44, 13, 43, 778, 5, 44, 13

#7. Solve and expand using the FOIL method: (5x+2)(−3x+1) = 3

#8. You’re going to Wisconsin to visit your grandma. From where you live, your grandma lives 1,778 miles away. You don’t want to drive longer than 8 hours a day, so you will be stopping for the night along the way if needed. If you drive 75 MPH the whole way there, how many days will it take you to get there? Round to the nearest whole number.

8×75 = 600
1778/600 = 2.96333333333
2.96333… rounded up to the nearest whole number = 3


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