Here’s an alphabetical list of 26 skilled trade, technical, and healthcare careers. You can find these types of career training programs at trade schools and technical colleges.

Most of the programs that we would commonly think of as “skilled trades” like HVAC, mechanic, or welder don’t generally have all-online classroom options. But you may find all-online training for careers like medical billing and coding, medical assistant, or IT.

List of Skilled Trade, Technical, & Medical Careers

Below, you’ll find a short description of each career with links to program information and articles about each of the careers.

Aircraft Mechanic – Aircraft mechanics run diagnostics and inspect for defects to determine and fix issues.

Architect – Architects design private homes and public buildings. They design them to be safe, secure, and efficient both functionally and economically.

Auto Mechanic – An auto mechanic‘s job is to diagnose and fix cars, light trucks, and other types of vehicles.

Carpenter – A carpenter reads blueprints, measures and cuts all types of materials, and is proficient with a variety of classic and modern tools.

Certified Nursing Assistant – A CNA provides essential care for patients that reside in medical and long-term care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes.

Class-A CDL Training – Truck drivers transport products and other materials from point A to point B.

Computer Technician – Computer technicians work on computers and systems in many different industries, from retail to government.

Construction – Construction managers completely oversee a construction project from the beginning to the end.

Dental Assistant – A certified dental assistant performs day-to-day operations including medical procedures and administrative tasks.

Diesel Mechanic – Diesel mechanics work on buses, trucks, and any other type of vehicle that runs on diesel fuel.

Electrician – Electricians install and maintain the wiring for all electrical, they figure out any electrical issues and fix them to code.

Energy Technician – An energy technician, aka renewable energy technician, services the mechanisms that convert the renewable sources into energy.

HVAC Technician – HVAC technicians work on equipment that controls the air environment within a building.

Industrial Mechanic – It takes industrial mechanics, machine mechanics, and millwrights to diagnose and repair factory machinery.

IT – Computer and information technology is evolving fast and the need for IT professionals is at an all-time high.

Lab Technician – Lab technicians take samples such as blood and urine and run tests to determine any medical issues.

Marine Mechanic – Marine mechanics work on boats and other water vehicles performing all repairs and routine maintenance.

Medical Assistant – A medical assistant is an allied health professional who supports the work of physicians and other health professionals.

Medical Coding – Medical coders take data from the doctor and transfer it to the patient’s permanent medical record.

Motorcycle Mechanic – Motorcycle mechanics are classified as a small engine repair mechanics but they specialize in motorcycles.

Pharmacy Technician – As a pharmacy tech, you will work directly under the supervision of the pharmacist doing the day-to-day operations.

Plumber – A plumber’s responsibilities include from design of piping for new construction to maintenance of equipment in existing buildings.

Radiologic Technician – Radiologic technicians work directly under a radiologist using imaging techniques such as basic x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging and more.

Surgical Technician – Surgical technicians work with surgeons, surgical assistants, nurses, and anesthesiologists during surgical procedures.

Veterinary Assistant – Veterinary assistants work in animal hospitals and clinics alongside veterinarians, vet technicians, and vet technologists.

Welder – Welders work pretty much anywhere metal needs to be permanently joined.

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