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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2015, medical lab technicians earned $38,970 annually. Entry level medical lab technicians made over $25,000 per year, and the top 10% brought in over $60,000. This is a full-time job, often with irregular hours such as evening and weekends, depending on when the hiring medical facility is open.

Top Paying Industries for Medical Lab Technicians

Industry Salary
Offices of Dentists $55,880
Individual and Family Services $54,830
Computer Systems Design and Related Services $51,920
Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services $48,080
Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing $46,800


Top Paying States For Medical Lab Technicians

State Salary
Rhode Island $59,140
Vermont $55,050
Connecticut $49,810
Alaska $48,610
New Jersey $48,380


Job Outlook

Through 2024, employment for medical lab technicians is expected to grow 18%. This is much faster than most other occupations. The aging population means more diagnosing of illnesses being done. Medical lab techs who have completed an accredited program and have gotten licensed and certified will have a leg up on the competition.


Industries With Highest Level Of Employment


Industry Salary
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals $42,020
Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories $40,570
Offices of Physicians $41,610
Other Ambulatory Health Care Services $37,350
Outpatient Care Centers $43,080


States With Highest Level of Employment


State Salary
California $47,740
Texas $38,970
Pennsylvania $42,060
New York $47,000
Ohio $42,600

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