Medical lab technicians work in hospitals and labs performing tests on patient tissue, blood, fluids, and other samples. Medical lab techs play a significant role in diagnosing and preventing contagious and deadly diseases like cancer and HIV.

Medical Lab Tech Job Description Can Include

  • Study all aspects of samples
  • Perform tests that help diagnose and treat illnesses
  • Use required tools like microscopes and cell counters
  • Detect abnormalities or diseases
  • Find parasites, microorganisms, and bacteria
  • Analyze and record findings
  • Sanitize the lab area

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Salary Info

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2022, the mean annual wage for a clinical lab tech was $59,130. Entry level medical lab technicians made around $35,220 per year, and the top 10% brought in around $84,670. This is a full-time job, often with irregular hours such as evening and weekends, depending on when the hiring medical facility is open.

Top Paying States For Medical Lab Technicians

State Salary
New York $76,110
Connecticut $73,960
Oregon $73,020
New Hampshire $72,870
New Jersey $70,100

Industries with the Highest Employment for Clinical Lab Technicians

Industry Salary
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals $62,850
Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories $57,380
Offices of Physicians $54,030
Employment Services $53,970
Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools $56,980

States With Highest Levels of Employment

State Salary
California $68,820
Florida $55,480
Texas $54,790
New York $76,110
Massachusetts $64,530

Job Outlook

Through 2031, employment for medical lab technicians is expected to grow 7%. This is as fast as the average of all occupations.

The aging population means more diagnosing of illnesses being done. Medical lab techs who have completed an accredited program and have gotten licensed and certified will have a leg up on the competition.

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last salary edit: 5/22/23