Trade schools are most commonly known for offering programs in the construction industry but that is a false perception. You can study just about anything at a trade school, from welding to computer technology. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the commonly known trade school programs as well as some of the more uncommon ones.

Learn About Welding

Welding is a skill you’d expect to be able to learn at a trade school. What you may not know is not only can you earn a certificate or diploma in a year or less, you can also earn an associate of science in welding technology. An associate degree program will cover more material and get into subjects like robotic welding. As with many other types of training, the longer you spend at school, the more you could possibly make when getting your entry level job. Find a trade school with welding training.

Learn About Computers & Information Technology

Programs you may find at your local trade school or technical college include ones like PC and network support technician, web and app development, or medical office technologies. During a program like PC and network support, students get introduced to the daily maintenance, support, and performance of computer systems. They will also learn  to effectively communicate with vendors or other technicians. Find a trade school with computer and IT programs.

Learn About HVAC

HVAC is another skill that is commonly associated with trade school study. A student will find a variety of types of HVAC programs at trade schools. Certificate, diploma, and associate degree programs are the most common ones. Example trade schools offering HVAC training are All State Career School in Pennsylvania, Delta Technical College in Mississippi, and Porter and Chester Institute in New England. Though there are many, many trade schools that offer HVAC training. Find a trade school with HVAC technology programs.

Learn About Culinary Arts

Many trade schools offer culinary certificate and degree programs, and there are some that specialize in culinary arts, such as the Lincoln Culinary Institute at Lincoln Tech. At a trade school, you may find programs like culinary arts, food service, baking and pastry, or even restaurant management. Find a trade school with culinary arts programs.

Learn About Criminal Justice

If protecting and serving is in your future, there are trade schools that offer programs in the criminal justice field. You’ll find programs that teach you to become a paralegal, find a job in law enforcement, homeland security, and other similar types of careers. Some schools offering criminal justice diploma and degree programs include YTI Career Institute in Pennsylvania and Remington College with many locations across the U.S. Criminal justice is a popular online program, and some schools offering that program include South College with an associate of science program and Saint Leo University with an A.A. program. Find a trade school with criminal justice programs.

Learn About Massage Therapy

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, massage therapy is one of the top 20 fastest growing careers in the country. There are some trade schools that specialize only in massage therapy, but many other institutions also offer the program in their curriculum, such as Lincoln Tech and Fortis Institute. Both of these schools have multiple locations offering massage therapy training. Find a trade school with massage therapy programs.

Learn About Cosmetology

Cosmetology programs are relatively common at trade schools, and many offer programs like makeup artistry, hair dressing, barbering, and esthetics. A couple example trade schools with cosmetology programs are Southern Careers Institute with locations in Texas and Remington College with locations across the country. There are also many schools that specialize in just cosmetology programs, Empire Beauty Schools being one of the largest, with locations across the U.S.

Learn About Healthcare & Medical Work

Careers in the medical and healthcare industry are some of the fastest growing careers. Most trade schools offer programs like medical assistant, medical coding, and nursing assistant. An example trade school with programs like this is Southern Technical College, with locations across Florida. Another is Miller Motte College, with locations across the Southeastern U.S. There are also quite a few trade schools specializing in medical training only.

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