Cyber-Security Degree

Find an accredited BS cyber security degree program near you at a local trade school or online technical college. Become a professional at keeping computers and online information protected from cyber attacks and other malware threats. Use the search application to pick a school, they’ll contact you to answer your questions about classes, financial aid, cost or others.

“Salaries average in the $110Ks for most of the positions, especially after you’ve been in the profession for around five to seven years.”[ref]

What does a cyber security professional do?

  • Utilizing every type of medium to stay on top of technology and security threats
  • Being aware through analyzing and evaluating those threats
  • Going through all the systems to check for any type of potential issue
  • Putting in place proper security measures and establishing protocol
  • Creating reports for shareholders
  • Spreading the word, throughout the company, about security and its importance”[ref]

Colleges with Cyber-Security Degree Programs

All listed schools are accredited and offer financial aid assistance to those who qualify.

All colleges are not listed here, use the search application to find your local options.

“Type of schooling needed to become a cyber security pro.

  • Get your high school diploma.
  • Enroll in a four-year college where you’ll receive a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field.
  • If your school allows this, complete an independent study project. This will give you some real-world experience as well as a boost on your resume.
  • Find a job as a network and systems administrator or in customer service support to build your experience level. These are entry-level jobs, but they will help you to identify security issues.
  • Certifications are voluntary, but having some is highly regarded by hiring managers. So, consider them.
  • Once you’ve worked for a couple years, you will have gained enough experience to look for a more advanced position, such as an information security analyst.”[ref]


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