Online Cyber Security Degree Programs

Find an accredited online cyber security certification or degree program at a trade school or technical college near you. Our partner schools have computer security courses available in almost all states! Use the search application to connect with a school near you.

Accelerated and hybrid (classroom/online) cyber-security certificate and degree class options are available at some schools.

  • Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security – Computer Systems Security
  • Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security – Information Assurance

“No matter which title of cyber professional you’re going after, you need to have an idea of what your daily duties will consist of. You’re part police, part spy:

  • Utilizing every type of medium to stay on top of technology and security threats
  • Being aware through analyzing and evaluating those threats
  • Going through all the systems to check for any type of potential issue
  • Putting in place proper security measures and establishing protocol
  • Creating reports for shareholders
  • Spreading the word, throughout the company, about security and its importance”[ref]

Schools with Online Cyber-Security Programs

“There are many fields that students with computer degrees can enter. These include computer engineering, computer science, and information technology. Most careers will require post-secondary education such as an associate or bachelor’s degree in computer science. Post-graduate degrees can also help you increase your skills and enhance your opportunities for a higher-paying job.[ref]”