Restaurant Management Degree

Culinary colleges and business schools with restaurant management degree programs near you. Online, accelerated and hybrid business class options are available at many schools. Use the search application to find a culinary college, complete the app and the school will call you.

Colleges with Restaurant Management Programs

What does a restaurant manager do?

  • Oversee food preparation, portion size, and quality
  • Interview, hire, train, supervise and fire staff
  • Keep track of stock, ordering more supplies when necessary
  • Create staff work schedules
  • Complete payroll and tip division
  • Make certain of patron and staff satisfaction
  • Work with the chef to create a menu
  • Balance the budget
  • Head up the marketing and advertising

How much money does a restaurant manager make?

The median annual pay for restaurant managers is $51K, but if you work for a hotel chain or a special food service, you’ll make over $57K. Once you’ve been in the career for awhile, your salary will grow. The top 10 percent of restaurant managers are making over $87K on average.


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