What Does an Energy Technician Do? An energy technician, aka renewable energy technician, services the mechanisms that convert the renewable sources into energy. What their specific duties, type of training, and tools they work with depend on which type of energy technician field they enter. The most popular, and fastest growing, are wind energy technician and solar energy technician, which are two of our greatest forms of renewable energy.

Wind Energy Technician

Also known as a wind turbine technician or windtech. They are the ones maintaining, fixing, and even installing wind turbines. Wind turbines harness the wind and, through technology, covert it to energy. In order to work in this profession, you need to:

  • Go through a wind-tech program through a trade school or community college.
  • Once you’ve earned your certificate there will be a two year on-the-job training period.
  • At this time, there isn’t a required license, but there are voluntary certificates to consider.

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Solar Energy Technician

You know those solar panels that are showing up on more and more homes, as we move more toward green living? It’s solar energy technicians that install those on roofs of homes and other types of buildings. You’re also, or more commonly, known as solar photovoltaic installers. And, with as fast as wind turbine careers are growing, this career is in hyperdrive.

  • There’s a 105 percent employment growth through 2026, which means an additional 11,800 jobs.
  • There are degree and certificate programs available for this particular career, but it is more common to apply for a one year on-the-job training period.
  • You must have at least a high school diploma or GED to get an apprenticeship, though.

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