Most types of programs that you may think of when you think of trade schools, like HVAC, welding, or mechanic, normally cant be completed all-online. Though, many trade schools offering these skilled trade programs do offer them in hybrid form (mixture of classroom and online).

Online Courses

Luckily, if you’re interested in going to a trade school but would prefer to study all-online you do have course options. You’ll find many trade schools with online programs in the medical, criminal justice, business and information technology fields. The following list includes common online programs offered by trade schools and technical colleges across the U.S.

Skilled Trade – HVAC

  • Online HVAC technology is one of the few “skilled trades” programs that is available completely online. It’s a new program offered by Penn Foster, they’re an accredited school and have financial aid for students who qualify.

Medical & Healthcare Courses

Many trade schools and technical colleges specialize in medical and healthcare career training. At these schools you can find online programs like:

  • Medical Assistant – Medical assisting is one of the most widely available online programs. There are different types of online medical assisting programs including certificate, diploma and associate’s degree.
  • Medical Administrative Assistant – A medical administrative assistant works with a healthcare administrator, improving the quality and efficiency of the medical care provided. These programs are normally 2 year associate’s degrees.
  • Medical Billing – An online medical billing program will teach you to create claims, transaction reports, and complete patient billing. These online programs are available in certificate, diploma and associate’s degree.
  • Medical Coding – While studying medical coding you’ll learn to translate patient information into a medical code, submit claims to insurance companies, generate invoices, and handle payments.
  • Healthcare Administration & Management – Online healthcare administration and management programs are either 2 year associate or 4 year bachelor’s degrees. An associate’s degree program will prepare you to assist a manager and a 4 year program will prepare you to be a manager.
  • Health Information Technology – Healthcare IT programs may include the study of electronic health records, patient health records, e prescribing, privacy and security.
  • Health Information Specialist – Learn about classification and coding systems, but also medical terminology, health care reimbursement methods, health care statistics, computer systems

Criminal Justice Courses

It’s not uncommon to find criminal justice and law programs at trade schools and technical colleges. Available online programs include:

  • Criminal Justice – There are many types of online criminal justice associate and bachelor’s degree programs. Programs like AS in Criminal Justice, BS in Criminal Justice and Cyber Forensics are available.
  • Cyber Security – There are different types of online cyber security programs available including Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security – Computer Systems Security and Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security – Information Assurance.

Business Courses

You will find business degree programs at many local trade schools and online technical colleges. Popular online programs include:

  • Business Administration – An online business administration bachelor’s degree program will teach you to oversee daily operations, improve business strategy, prepare data, create best practices, minimize spend and maximize budget.
  • Business – There are different types of online business degree programs including MBA, business administration and management, human resources(HR), and others.
  • Accounting – You will find online accounting programs like CPA, computerized accounting specialist, business accounting, and accounting technician. Online accounting programs may specialize in different areas including tax, financial, forensics and management.

Information Technology Courses

Information technology is one of the fastest growing career fields and your local trade school or tech college may offer online programs such as:

  • Data Science – A data science program will teach the student to identify problems, determine correct data sets and variables, clean and validate data, create algorithms to mine data and a lot more.
  • Software Developer – A program in software development will teach you to analyze the users’ needs then design, test, and develop software considering those needs.

Just because a program is offered online doesn’t mean it’s available everywhere. A school needs to be accredited in your area in order for you to apply.

If you are more interested in programs like HVAC or mechanic check out the skilled trade programs page.

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