Online Medical Coding Programs

Find accredited online certified coding specialist (CCS) courses and associate’s degree in medical coding programs near you. Local medical trade schools, technical colleges and universities across the US offer CCS training.

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Schools with Accredited Medical Coding Programs

There are all-online and part-online courses available depending on your location.

About Medical Coding

An accredited medical coding (CCS) program will teach you to:

  • Translate patient information into a medical code,
  • Submit claims to insurance companies,
  • Generate invoices,
  • Handle payments and more.

Difference between medical billing & coding

  • Medical billers assign codes and insurance information and insert them into the billing software.
  • Medical coders decipher the documents written by the doctors or nurses and apply the appropriate procedure codes.

Medical coders are the translators of “doctor speak.” They take what the doctor writes on a patient’s chart and translate it as carefully as possible into the proper insurance coding. This is to make sure the patient gets billed correctly, and the insurance company accurately reimburses the doctor’s office.

Each action, from the moment a patient walks through the doors of a medical facility to the time they check out to leave, has a code. Every step that is taken is transcribed into the medical chart, and it’s up to the coder to accurately represent the activity, such as tests and diagnoses, with the proper code.


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