Healthcare Information Services Programs

Find a trade school or technical college with accredited classroom or online healthcare information technology degree programs. Use the search application to connect with a school offering healthcare information services programs.

Schools with Healthcare Services Programs

All listed schools are accredited and offer financial aid assistance to those who qualify.

Accelerated, weekend class and hybrid (classroom/online) healthcare information services program options are available at many schools.

“Healthcare is a broad field with plenty of opportunities—there will always be a need for quality medical aid, especially as our nation’s population not only grows but ages. So many different types of healthcare jobs are available, and these positions evolve with the ever-changing medical industry.

To get started in your healthcare career, you may not need as much training as you may think. Some healthcare vocations require only a minimum of a certificate of completion—or even just on-the-job medical training—while others require graduate studies.”[ref]