Are you looking to start a career that pays well and doesn’t take ages to train for? Here’s a list of certifications and licenses from across the skilled trade and medical career paths that you can earn quickly. You’re almost guaranteed to have good employment and salary potentials if you go through community college or trade school programs.

I’ll keep this post to classroom and online programs that take under a year, listing those ranging from 4-6 week, 3 month, 6-9 month and 1 year. The salaries are the average listed on the official BLS website. Keep in mind, entry level salaries are less, but as you gain experience, your paycheck will increase to match. Some of the jobs listed, like truck driver and HVAC technician are moving very fast!

Fast Trade School Certificates with Good Pay

The program times listed are estimates based on hours of credit needed or other references from our partner trade school and tech college websites. I will probably add to this so check back periodically.