Florida Dental Assistant Programs

Find a trade school or technical college in Florida with accredited classroom or online dental assistant training programs. Use the search application to connect with a Florida trade school or online technical college offering CDA certificate training classes or dental assisting associate’s degree programs.

Dental Assistant Schools in Florida

Listed Florida dental assistant schools are accredited and offer financial aid assistance to those who qualify.

Dental Assistant Training, Job Description & Salary

  • How Long is Dental Assistant Training? – Dental assistant certification and diploma programs take between 9 months and 1 year to complete. While a dental assistant associate’s degree program takes about two years to complete.
  • Job Description – A dental assistant helps the dental office by increasing the efficiency in the day-to-day operations, performing medical procedures, as well as taking on administrative tasks. A dental assistant’s responsibilities may vary by state, and the particular dental office.
  • Dental Assistant Salary – The average yearly salary for dental assistants was $40,080 in May 2019. The bottom 10% earned close to $28,000, and the top 10% earned nearly $57,000.