Learn about some of the most popular trade school programs including those geared toward earning a license, certificate, diploma, or degree. These programs were chosen based on the thousands of students who use our program search application. See the full list of trade school programs.

The most popular skilled trade programs include Class-A CDL driver, HVAC technology, electrical technology, and welding. The most popular medical career programs include medical billing and coding, medical assisting, and pre nursing. We’ve listed programs below by the length of time they take to complete and some careers have multiple program options. For example, a student can choose different types of medical assisting programs like certificate, diploma, or associate’s degree.

License Training Programs

These vocational programs are relatively quick to complete and they are geared towards helping students prepare for taking a licensing exam in their chosen field.

  • Class-A CDL – Commercial truck driver’s license training programs are fast, normally taking between 1 and 3 months to complete. A CDL training program will prepare you to take your State’s Class-A CDL test.
  • Cosmetology – Most states require cosmetologists to be licensed and though each state has their own requirements cosmetology programs normally take from 6 months to one year to finish.

Certificate and Diploma Programs

Certificate and Diploma programs are also relatively quick to finish and they’re generally geared toward preparing students for an entry level job in their chosen field. Certificate and Diploma programs normally take under 1 year to finish and some cam be completed in just 6 to 9 months.

  • HVAC – An HVAC certificate or diploma program will prepare you for their EPA certification exam and for an entry level HVAC position. These programs take about 8 months to 1 year to complete.
  • Welding Technology – A certificate or diploma program in welding takes about 8 months to 1 year to complete. These programs teach you about different welding processes and OSHA safety regulations.  After completing a welding diploma program the student should be prepared to transition in to a welding apprenticeship.
  • Electrical Technology – An electrical technology certificate or diploma program will take about 1 year to finish. You will learn about things like construction site safety, OSHA requirements, electrical code standards, proper tool use, and reading electrical blueprints.
  • Medical Billing and Coding – Medical billing and coding certification and diploma programs are designed to prepare you for an entry level position in the healthcare information field. These programs normally take between 6 months and one year to finish, but some self paced online programs can be completed a little faster.
  • Medical Assisting – Medical assisting certificate and diploma programs provide training for entry-level positions as a medical assistant in a clinic, physician’s office, or urgent care facility. These types of medical assisting programs take from 6 months to one year to finish.

Associate’s Degree Programs

Associate’s degree programs cover a little more material than certificate or diploma programs. They may include general education classes as well as career specific classes. Associate’s degree programs take close to 2 years to complete and will prepare the student for entry level or more advanced positions.

  • Criminal Justice – An associate’s degree program in criminal justice takes 2 years to complete. It will prepare you for a careers in law enforcement, court administration, corrections, loss prevention, and more.
  • Pharmacy Technology – A 2 year pharmacy technology associate’s degree program will prepare you to sit for the Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) national certification exam. These programs will cover subjects like pharmacy law and ethics, pharmacy science, and prescription processing.
  • Health Information Services – A healthcare information services or healthcare technology associate’s degree program prepares you to pursue a career within medical records and healthcare management. These programs take about 2 years to finish.
  • Medical Lab Technology – A 2 year associate’s degree program in medical lab technology will teach you to collect, examine and analyze body fluids, cells, and tissues of the human body.

These are just 11 of the hundreds of trade school programs available through the schools listed on this website. If you’re interested in one of these programs use the search application to connect with a school near you.

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