What exactly is a trade school? Well, there are different types of “trade schools” to be found, some specialize in 1 or 2 careers and others offer way too many to name here. While you’re googling you’ll find reference to accredited skilled trade schools, technical colleges and medical trade schools; There are culinary schools, healthcare trade colleges and cosmetology schools too! Hahaha I think you get the picture. (Don’t forget online schools!)

The following list tries to help make sense of it all. Click the school links to learn all about each one. You’ll find accreditation information, campus locations and reference links to training programs too. Our writers also put together one of the best Financial Aid Guides on the net, check it out!

Different Kinds of Trade Schools

Health and Medical Trade Schools where you can train in the classroom and online for careers in the medical, dental, or other health-related industries. Courses like dental hygiene, certified nursing assistant, certified medical assistant (CMA), RN and many other are found at these schools.

See all Health & Medical Trade Schools

Cosmetology Schools: Hair, makeup, and nails are a few of your favorite things. Especially after you’ve beautified them. You can look into these schools for outstanding cosmetology training:

See all Cosmetology Trade Schools

Criminal Justice Schools where you can train to become a paralegal, or law enforcement, homeland security, or so many other kinds of career options.

See all Criminal Justice Schools

Culinary schools will bring out the best chef in you. You’ll learn to cr2eate everything from mouth watering main dishes to delectable desserts with any of these fine programs.

See all Culinary Schools

Emergency Services Schools are perfect for people wanting to be first responders such as EMS and paramedics

See all EMS Vocational Schools

Computer and IT Schools will train you for positions such as an audiovisual technician, or an IT technician just to name a few careers that are always in demand. You can find excellent programs at some of these campuses:

CDL Training will allow you to hit that open road as a truck driver. Get your CDL training through schools such as:

See all CDL Schools

Massage Therapy teaches you the art of healing through touch by being trained in one or more of the modalities.

See all Massage School Programs


See all Welding Trade schools

HVAC/R Trade Schools heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration technician training

See all HVAC Trade Schools

Automotive technician training is where you’ll learn to work on cars, boats, motorcycles, or any other type of vehicle.

See all Mechanics Trade Schools

Electrical Trade Schools what powers us up, and you’ll be trained how to keep more than just the lights on.

See all Electrical Trade Schools

Marine Mechanics because boats need TLC too

Aviation technology

This is by no means a complete list of all trade schools, these are just some of the schools in our network.

last edit: 2.8.19

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