Nursing Courses

Find accredited nursing certification training classes, diploma and degree courses near you. Use the search application to locate trade schools and online technical colleges with programs including LPN & LVN certification or diploma, CNA certificate, RN degree and others.

2017 RN Salary Info: “$70,000 per year – $33.65 per hour”

2017 LPN Salary Info: “$45,030 per year  – $21.65 per hour”

2017 CNA Salary Info: “$27,510 per year – $13.23 per hour”

Colleges with Nursing Programs

Nursing School Cost:Tuition can vary widely depending on the state and locality, ranging from $3,500 for a community college to over $30,000 for tuition at a private or out-of-state university. In addition to tuition, you will have various other costs including books and clinical fees.


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