Online Accident Investigator Programs

Find online accredited accident/collision investigator courses and other criminal justice associate & bachelor’s degree programs. Use the application to connect with a school near you.

What does an accident investigator do?

An accident investigator collects and examines evidence from various types of traffic accidents. Collision investigators respond to traffic accidents, administer first aid, and make calls for additional assistance; including emergency medical services(EMT). Accident investigators also verify driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations by radio, conduct interviews and complete reports and forms.

Colleges with Online Accident Investigator Programs

To become an accident investigator you need to graduate high school or have a GED then simply begin your training online or at a local college.

Most insurance companies that hire accident investigators prefer their employees to have a background as law enforcement officers, private investigators, claims adjusters or examiners due to excellent interviewing and interrogation skills. Licensing for accident investigators vary by state so it’s best to contact your school of interest to find out your state’s exact requirements. There are continuing education courses you would be expected to fulfill, as well, which also varies state by state.“[ref]

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