Although no skilled trade is actually “easy” to learn, we think you’ll agree that some trades are harder to learn than others. In this article we’ll compare some easier vs harder skilled trade programs that are closely related. We’ll also consider the entry level salary for each career.

Automotive Technician vs Aircraft Mechanic

Between auto mechanic and aircraft mechanic, an auto mechanic program covers less material so it is much faster to finish. An auto mechanic program takes about 1 year while an aircraft mechanic program takes 2 years to complete. Though the material covered by both programs is technical and can be challenging, the extra year of aircraft mechanic training makes it the harder of these 2 programs to complete.

Auto vs Aircraft Mechanic Pay Comparison

While it is much faster to get into the workforce as an automotive tech, an entry-level aircraft mechanic makes more money. In 2023 aircraft mechanics started at about $45,760, and automotive service technicians started at about $30,600.

HVAC Technician vs Welder

Welding programs and HVAC technician programs are similar in length and can take about 8 months to 2 years to complete. The time it takes depends on whether you choose certificate training classes or an associate’s degree program. Both welding technology programs and HVAC programs are hands-on and technical in nature, and you’ll need to learn a little math to pass either one.

HVAC vs Welding Pay Comparison

All things considered these 2 programs have similar difficulty and the entry level salaries are also close. According to BLS, an entry-level welder in 2023 made around $36,839, whereas an entry-level HVAC tech made around $37,270.

Tractor Trailer Driver vs Diesel Mechanic

If you want to work with trucks, training to become a truck driver or a diesel mechanic are both good options. CDL training is very fast, it only takes 1-2 months to finish a program. Diesel mechanic programs are pretty fast too, but they do take much longer than CDL training options. A diesel mechanic program takes about 10 months to 1 year to complete.

Truck Driver vs Truck Mechanic Pay Comparison

When comparing entry level salaries for these 2 jobs we see that the extra time in school can pay off. An entry-level truck driver makes about $37,440, and an entry-level diesel mechanic makes closer to $76,780. Though, for the amount of time spent on training, an entry level trucker salary isn’t bad at all.

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