Bartending Training Classes

Culinary Colleges and Vocational Technical Schools with Bartending classes. “You can’t just walk into a bar, apply for a bartending job, and expect to get it. Well, maybe YOU can, but it doesn’t hold true for the majority. Legally, you have to be a minimum of 21 years of age to serve alcohol but, in some states, that minimum age may be 18.”

Schools with Culinary Arts Courses

Escoffier School Culinary Classes (Boulder/Austin)

Pittsburgh Tech Trade Programs (Oakdale, PA)

Culinary Institute of Virginia Classes (VA)

ECPI Vocational & Degree Classes (VA, NC, SC, FL)

Platt College Medical & Vocational Courses (OK)

Virginia College Trade & Technical Programs (across US)

ICCC Vocational & Technical Classes (Fort Dodge)

I of T Vocational Classes (North CA & Oregon)

YTI Vocational Training Classes (Lancaster)

Lincoln Tech Vocational Courses (across US)

KTI Medical/Construction Classes (Harrisburg)

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“If the location you’re working in states you need a license to serve alcohol; you will have to take a short course that lasts anywhere between one to six hours. You’ll learn about the local laws about drink limits for customers, pricing the drinks, and a whole bunch of information you’ll need to know as a bartender. You may also be taught how to recognize fake ID’s, how to diffuse potentially violent situations, and the signs to notice if someone had one too many.

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Bartending seems like a fun and glamorous career. Learn what it’s like and how to become one!