Baking & Pastry Chef Courses

Culinary colleges and vocational technical schools with baking and pastry chef certificate, associate and bachelor’s degree programs. Training classes to manage a pastry team and administer duties within the kitchen, take inventory, monitor equipment and more. Online, accelerated and hybrid (classroom/online) pastry chef course options are available at many schools.

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Difference Between Baker & Pastry Chef: The main difference between a baker and a pastry chef is the fact that bakers specialize in breads, rolls, cookies, and quiches. A pastry chef focuses more on dessert-related products,

Culinary Schools with Pastry & Baking Chef Programs

The Chef’s Academy Culinary Courses (Morrisville)

Escoffier School Culinary Courses (Boulder/Austin)

Pittsburgh Tech Trade Programs (Oakdale, PA)

Culinary Institute of Virginia Courses (VA)

ECPI Vocational & Degree Courses (VA, NC, SC, FL)

Platt College Medical & Vocational Courses (OK)

Virginia College Trade & Tech Courses

ICCC Vocational & Technical Classes (Fort Dodge)

Institute of Technology Courses (North CA & Oregon)

YTI Vocational Training Classes (Lancaster)

Lincoln Tech Vocational Courses (across US)

KTI Medical/Construction Classes (Harrisburg)

There is a lot more to the job of pastry chef than simply making, well, pastries. Someone needs to run every aspect of that kitchen. Very often, most duties such as inventory and menu planning fall into the flour-dusted hand of the pastry chef.

Baking/Pastry Chef Job Description:

  • Working with wholesalers, ordering supplies and ingredients
  • Creating and sampling new recipes
  • Budgeting
  • Kitchen and restaurant sanitation
  • Coordinate with the other chefs
  • Baking the goods.

Common associate degree classes:

  • Fundamentals of Baking
  • Nutrition
  • Art of Chocolate
  • Cake Decorating
  • Specialty Desserts
  • Plated Desserts

Common bachelor degree classes:

  • Gastronomy
  • Advanced Pastry Design
  • Restaurant Law
  • Marketing Concepts
  • Regional Pastries
  • Food Purchasing

Baker & pastry chef salary: The median wage for for bakers, including a pastry chef, is a bit over $25K, with some making $40K and even much higher. Your pay will be based on certifications, experience and location.