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Colleges and Technical Schools with Business Administration and Business Management, Human Resources and other related programs. Find vocational technical and degree training in the Business career field from a technical college near you. Online, accelerated and hybrid (classroom/online) class options are available at most schools.

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Colleges with Business Admin & Management Degrees

Southern Careers Institute Vocational Training Programs

Intercoast College Vocational Training Programs

South Texas Vocational Technical Training Programs

SJVC Vocational & Degree Programs

Remington College Vocational Training Programs

Central Penn Vocational & Degree Programs

Spencerian College Medical & Tech Programs

MMC Vocational Training Programs

UEI College Vocational Training Programs

Fortis Vocational Training & Degree Programs

YTI Vocational Training Programs

Daymar College Vocational Training Programs

ECPI Vocational & Degree Programs

McCann Vocational Training Programs

Vista College Vocational Training Programs

Northwestern College Technical & Degree Programs

Daytona College Programs

New England Tech Vocational Training Programs

Southern Tech Vocational and Degree Programs

Sullivan University Vocational & Degree Programs

Business Administration Defined

Business administration at a college or university is designed to prepare you for a career in business. The course focuses on areas relating to business theory, practices, and management. Business administration encompasses a wide variety of related career choices such as financial, human resource, marketing management, healthcare administration, and more. An effective business administrator efficiently organizes the people and other resources of a business to best direct it into profitability.

Business Administrator Job Duties

Day-to-day duties may vary depending on the exact position of the business administrator. However, most business administrators play a highly active role in the going-ons of the business where they may be CEO, general manager, or operations manager. They are usually quite knowledgeable in several areas such as accounting, marketing, sales, finance, and human resource.

The most common duties of a business administrator: 

  • Oversee the daily business operations
  • Improvement strategies
  • Create best practices for the business
  • Contract and deal negotiations
  • Minimizing spending while maximizing budget
  • Preparing data