What does a business administrator do? Business administration duties vary depending on the position of the business administrator. Most business administrators play a highly active role in their business, they may be CEO, general manager, or operations manager.

Business Administrator Job Duties

The most common duties of a business administrator:

  • Oversee daily operations
  • Improvement strategy
  • Create best practices
  • Negotiations
  • Minimizing spend/maximize budget
  • Prepare data

A little about Business administration, it’s a college or university program designed to prepare you for a career in business. These programs typically focus on areas like business theory, practices, and management. Business administration encompasses a wide variety of related career choices such as financial, human resources, marketing management, healthcare administration, and more.

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 Business Administration Salary

In the business world, most top executives have a lot of business education combined with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in their background. With a business administration degree, there are so many different career choices that open up. One thing is for certain, business degree holders earn higher salaries than most other professions.

Bachelor’s Degree Vs. Master’s Degree Salaries

The salaries within the following chart are based on some projected highest paid business majors. The comparison is between a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree holder within the same field. The information is compiled by surveys through the National Association of Colleges and Employers. These are the 2017 average starting salaries based on the responses of the participating employers. Notice how most bachelor degree careers make in the $50k range while master’s degree holders earn significantly more.

Major Bachelor’s Salary Master’s Salary %Job Growth
Accounting $59,642 $67,369 11%
Actuarial Science $56,114 $150,000 18%
Business Administration/Management $54,019 $81,685 8%
Economics $55,965 $73,665 6%
Finance $55,609 $70,957 7%
Hospitality Management $48,607 $93,350 8%
Human Resources $52,313 $73,212 9%
International Business $54,446 $69,964
Logistics/Supply Chain $55,694 $68,445 2%
Management Information Systems $59,642 $75,433
Marketing $52,988 $86,318 15%
Sales $52,144 $124,000 5%

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