Nursing is considered both an art and a science, with the science side being the more obvious of the two. Nursing science, or nursing research, is a relatively new topic, and one that gives outsiders of the profession a reason to pause—most people have never heard of it.

What is Considered Nursing Science?

Nursing science is often expressed as an encompassment of all sciences related to nursing, which doesn’t do much to truly explain it. However, it focuses on a complete picture: understanding human health and nutrition then applying that learned knowledge to heal and improve patients’ mental, physical, and emotional health. It can also be said that it’s an academic training, and without the science portion of nursing, there would only be care.

Why is Nursing Science Important?

It’s the nurse scientists who constantly question how all facets of patient care can be improved upon. Nurses are focused primarily on the patient and how they are feeling while also looking at detection, and signs and symptoms. In other words, nurses take into consideration the entire experience of the patient.

Meanwhile, nursing scientists take all the data and points of information and use them to formulate a predictive algorithm in order to lessen any errors during patient monitoring. Without nursing scientists, the practice of nursing would remain stagnant.

  • They strive to find ways to apply more effective and efficient nursing care
  • They strive to find ways to improve quality of life for patients with chronic illnesses.
  • They strive to find ways to educate and encourage their patients to choose a healthy lifestyle.
  • They strive to find ways to make sure end-of-life patients have a comfortable transition.

For every phase of the life and health cycle, nurse scientists’ mission is to make it better.

How Much Do Nursing Scientists Make?

The average salary for nursing scientist close to $100,000 per year. It can take up to 11 years of education to become one; a Phd. level is necessary for this area of the profession. There is a nursing shortage, and that is obvious in nursing science as well. The job outlook for most types of nursing positions is way above the average for other occupations.

Nursing scientists work in a number of different industries. They may work at universities, research labs, pharmaceutical companies, teaching hospitals, and for the government.