Online Computer Technology Degree

Find an accredited online computer technology degree program at a college near you. Accelerated and hybrid (classroom and online mix) computer tech certificate and degree course options are available at some schools.

Computer network specialists design, implement, secure and troubleshoot networked computers within a company. Also referred to as a network analyst or administrator, computer network specialists are the reason for a proper working system in a company or organization.

A computer freezes up, accounts have been hacked, or connection to a network cannot be reached – a computer network specialist is responsible for solving these problems. Computer network specialists, also known as network analysts or administrators, have extensive knowledge to secure and develop networked computers.

Network analysts are responsible for maintaining the security of a company’s network, troubleshooting calls and emails, and diagnosing and offering repair instructions remotely. To perform such tasks, a network administrator must have substantial knowledge of network connectivity, protocols, network security devices, network types, and operating systems.[ref]

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