Online Computer Engineering Degree Courses

Find an accredited online computer engineering degree course at a local trade school or online technical college. Engineering degree courses are heavy in mathematics and you’ll be taking analytic algebra, trigonometry and foundational calculus.

Computer engineers develop, test and evaluate software for computers. Also known as software engineers, they can work in a variety of workplaces such as offices or laboratory environments, and perform their tasks with a multitude of other team members. In addition to working on computer software, they may also design and build the computers.

Colleges with Computer Engineering Courses

All listed colleges are accredited and offer financial aid assistance to those who qualify.

All colleges are not listed here, use the search application to find all local options.

Some of the core courses you can expect are:

  • Computer Architecture,
  • Software Engineering Methods,
  • Programming With C++,
  • Operating Systems,
  • Data Structure

Tuition will vary due to the wide variety of programs and degrees available for those looking to enter the field. On average, an associate’s degree will cost students $3,500 per year. A bachelor’s degree at a public university costs closer to $10,000 annually, and private universities run closer to $31,000.