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Architect Job Description:

  • The job description of an architect may vary depending on the employer or their specialization. Generally speaking, architects meet with their prospective client where they determine the scope and requirements of the project. From there, the architect will give a cost and time estimate, and the client will decide whether or not they want to move forward. Once everything has been agreed upon, the architect will draw up a detailed rendering of a house plan(click for examples of professional house plans) or business office building, either hand-drawn or through a computer program such as CADD.” [ref]

Architect Salary:

  • “Nationally, the median annual wage for architects is $76,100. Entry level will bring home over $46K while architects with extensive experience will earn over $125K annually.

Cost Of Architecture Degrees:

  • “An undergraduate degree in architecture can cost between $15,000-$60,000 annually including the cost of tuition, books, and other associated fees.
  • Graduate(master’s) programs can cost anywhere between $14,000 to $38,000 per year.

Other Types of Architects:

  • Landscape – Work on gardens, public outdoor spaces, golf courses, and college campuses. Landscape architects need to know how to use CADD, have an eye for detail, and be good at math. Average salary of $64K in 2015.
  • Software –  Work on a variety of software project types. Software architects must have a bachelor’s degree in a computer field, most have multiple certifications and a graduate degree too.
  • Naval – Designing and developing new ships and boats, a naval architect’s salary is $60K-$122K annually.