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Learn about all the different skilled trades, technical, business, medical and STEM careers. Discover what these skilled tradespeople do, how much they make, and the types of jobs their training can lead to.

What a Commercial Pilot Does

What’s the difference between an airline and commercial pilot? A pilot is not a pilot by any other name. In fact, there are huge differences between a commercial and airline pilot.

Different Types of Trade Schools

There are different types of “trade schools” to be found with some specializing in 1 or just a few careers. Across the internet you’ll find reference to skilled trade schools…

Highest Paying Careers After Trade School

Not everyone is cut out for college, especially the four-year type. Yet, to survive in this world, you need to have some sort of skill. Because hey, bills don’t pay themselves.

STEM Career Training, 6 Months-2 Years

Science, technology, engineering, and math. The four building blocks of the STEM careers. STEM is everywhere; but, what is it? And why is STEM so important?

What is Precision Production?

What Is Precision Production? There are many different types of products that take someone skilled in that field to create, from textiles to jewelry to clothing to furniture.

What a Communications Technician Does

What is a communications technician? If there’s a need for an equipment install or issue, then you’re the one doing and solving. Your duties will vary…

What is Drafting?

What is technical drafting? Technical drafting is also referred to as technical drawing. It’s a drawing that is used to represent an idea or…

What is Nursing Science?

What is considered nursing science? Nursing is considered both an art and a science, with the science side being the more obvious of the two.

What an Energy Technician Does

What is an energy technician? Renewable energy is energy from potentially unlimited natural sources such as the wind, sun, water, heat, and other forms.

What a First Responder Does

What is a medical first responder? EMTs and paramedics are considered first responders. When there is any type of emergency needing medical assistance,…

What a Mechanical Engineering Tech Does

What is a mechanical technician? You work under the supervision of a mechanical engineer or scientist and help to design machinery, equipment, and other products.

What a Computer Scientist Does

What are computer scientists? Computers play a huge role in our lives. Even if we don’t work directly on one, much of what we do is powered by computer programs, the cloud, apps, and more.

What a Computer Technician Does

What is a computer technician? There are many different types of industries you will be working within, from retail to government. Since technology is in a constant state of change, …

What a Marine Mechanic Does

What does a marine mechanic do? Water crafts are used for many reasons, from recreational to commerce. Like most other types of vehicles, they have their trying moments.

What an Audio Visual Technician Does

What are audio visual technician job duties? Were you constantly tinkering with the family sound system and television, on a mission to make it have a more enjoying audio…

What a Diesel Mechanic Does

What can a diesel mechanic do? You work hard, and you get dirty; but, that’s all in a day’s work. The bigger the vehicle you’re working on, the better. Buses, trucks, and…