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Top 15 Skilled Trade Apprenticeship Jobs

Going into a registered apprenticeship will have you working and learning from day one; you earn as you learn. And, the more experience you get, the more your paycheck…

Different Types of Trade Schools

There are different types of “trade schools” to be found with some specializing in 1 or just a few careers. Across the internet you’ll find reference to skilled trade schools…

What an HVAC Technician Does

HVAC and plumbing contractors are the largest employers of HVAC technicians, but you may also find jobs in the retail industry, as a self employed contractor, and within the educational system.

Fast Certifications that Pay Well

Are you looking to start a career that pays well and doesn't take ages to train for? Here's a list of certifications and licenses from across the skilled trade and medical career paths that you can earn quickly. You're almost guaranteed to have good employment and...

ASE H Series Transit Bus Practice tests

These ASE H series transit bus mechanic certification practice tests are designed to test your knowledge of the material in the ASE transit bus study guide. "To identify and recognize those Transit Bus Technicians who demonstrate knowledge of the skills necessary to...

What an Auto Mechanic Does

What is an auto mechanic? A physician is to people what an auto mechanic is to cars. Your job is to diagnose and fix cars, trucks, and other types of vehicles.

Trade School STEM Training Programs

Science, technology, engineering, and math. The four building blocks of the STEM careers. STEM is everywhere; but, what is it? And why is STEM so important?

Criminal Justice Certificate Programs

The different types of accredited criminal justice and law enforcement certificates available through local and online colleges include Corrections Officer, Loss Prevention, …

What an Aircraft Mechanic Does

Q: What does an aircraft mechanic do? A: When planes or helicopters are in need of maintenance or repair, it’s an aircraft mechanic that gets the craft up and running smoothly.

What a Diesel Mechanic Does

What can a diesel mechanic do? You work hard, and you get dirty; but, that’s all in a day’s work. The bigger the vehicle you’re working on, the better. Buses, trucks, and…

ASE Mechanic Certification Practice Tests

I’m building a set of ASE certification practice tests directly from the online ASE manual. “There are more than 40 ASE certification tests, covering almost every imaginable aspect…

Top Paying Jobs with Least Time in School

There are many jobs where you can make great money with just a little schoolwork. These include CDL license in 3 to 6 weeks, 6 month certificates in the medical and…

What a Welder Does

Welders work in a wide variety of industries. Basically anywhere metal needs to be permanently joined, there’s a welder involved using one of the 100s of different welding processes

25+ Highest Paying Trade School Careers

Not everyone is cut out for college, especially the four-year type. Yet, to survive in this world, you need to have some sort of skill. Because hey, bills don’t pay themselves.

What A Barber Does

Q: What Does a Barber Do? A: Barbers work mostly on male clients but may have a few females coming to them, as well. They not only cut hair, but they also groom beards, give facials, and fit hairpieces.