ASE H7 Transit Bus HVAC Practice Test

The ASE H-7 transit bus heating, ventilation, and air conditioning practice exam will test your, you guessed it, transit bus HVAC knowledge. Find a mechanic school near you.


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#1. High A/C discharge pressure can be caused by:

an overcharged system is correct

#2. A technician cannot get a transit bus A/C system to take a refrigerant charge. Which of these could be the cause?

Suction service valve not mid-seated is correct

#3. Removing refrigerant from a system and storing it in a separate container is considered to be:

recovering is correct

#4. An operator says that the HVAC system is not cooling properly. Air is blowing from the vents on one side of the transit bus only. This could be caused by:

one evaporator fan drive coupling is broken is correct

#5. Repeated A/C system high pressure hose failures can be caused by:

incorrect hose installation is correct

#6. Both the suction-side and discharge-side pressures are above normal. This could be caused by:

a dirty condenser core is correct

#7. Before being recharged, an A/C system should be evacuated to:

500 to 1500 microns for 10 minutes is correct

#8. Reusable refrigerant cylinders must be hydrostatically tested every:

5 years is correct

#9. An operator complains of a coolant smell while running the defroster. Which of these could be the cause?

A leak in the defroster core is correct

#10. A transit bus has thrown its A/C compressor drive belts for the second time. Any of these could be the cause EXCEPT:

excessive air gap at the A/C clutch armature is correct



The ASE H7 exam will test you on the diagnosis and repair of transit bus A/C System, compressor and clutch, evaporator, condenser, heating and engine cooling systems, HVAC operating systems, HVAC electrical/electronic systems, and the electronic temperature control system.


This is not an official test it is a practice test based on the official study guide. Use it for entertainment purposes only.