ASE H3 Transit Bus Drive Train Practice Test

This ASE H3 drive train practice exam will test your knowledge of the diagnosis and repair of the automatic transmission, drive shaft, universal joint, and drive axle.


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#1. A transit bus with a diesel engine and an electronic automatic transmission shifts late. Which of these could be the cause?

A bad throttle position (TP) sensor is correct

#2. An automatic transmission slips when cold, but shifts normally at operating temperature. Which of these could be the cause?

Low fluid level is correct

#3. Which of these could cause the rear axle seals to fail repeatedly?

A restricted axle housing breather is correct

#4. A transmission has no lock-up. During a pressure test, no pressure is found at the lock-up test port. This could be caused by:

a bad lock-up solenoid is correct

#5. A transit bus transmission is to be replaced. Technician A says that the transmission flex plate should be inspected each time the transmission is removed. Technician B says that the flywheel housing should be inspected each time the transmission is removed. Who is right?

Both A and B is correct

#6. An operator reports that the transit bus won’t go into gear. Technician A says that not engaging the high idle switch could be the cause. Technician B says that not stepping on the brake pedal could be the cause. Who is right?

B only is correct

#7. What operation is being performed in the setup shown in the illustration?

Checking ring gear runout is correct

#8. To most accurately check the fluid level in an automatic transmission, the technician should do all of these EXCEPT:

check while the fluid is cold is correct


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This is a practice test based on the ASE transit bus study guide. Use it for entertainment purposes only.