ASE H2 Transit Bus Diesel Engines Practice Test

This ASE H2 diesel engines practice exam will test your knowledge of diagnosis and repair of general diesel engine issues. Find a mechanic school near you.


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#1. An operator complains that a transit bus has excessive black smoke when started in the morning. Which of these could be the cause?

A sticking fuel injector nozzle is correct

#2. An operator complains that a transit bus will not crank. This could be caused by:

a bad starter solenoid is correct

#3. When the diesel engine in a transit bus reaches operating temperature, coolant flows out of the surge tank overflow tube. Technician A says that air in the cooling system could be the cause. Technician B says that a failed radiator pressure cap could be the cause. Who is right?

Both A and B is correct

#4. During a cold weather start-up, the oil filter ruptures, causing an oil leak. This could be caused by:

a stuck-closed oil filter bypass valve is correct

#5. A transit bus has had repeated serpentine belt failures. Which of these could be the cause?

Misaligned belt pulleys is correct

#6. Which of these can cause a no-start condition on a HEUI engine?

Low injection control pressure is correct

#7. A diesel engine with EUI has a misfire and the check engine light is ON. Fault code “cylinder 4 current below normal” is active. This could be caused by a:

broken #4 injector wire terminal is correct

#8. A transit bus has excessive engine oil consumption and an oil film on the back of the bus. All of these could be the cause EXCEPT:

a cracked cylinder liner is correct



Test your command of cylinder head and valve train, engine block overhaul, lubrication and cooling systems, air induction, exhaust systems and more.


This is not an official test it is a practice test based on the official study guide. Use it for entertainment purposes only.