ASE B4 Structural Analysis & Damage Repair Practice Test

The ASE B4 structural analysis & damage repair practice test will probe your knowledge of frame inspection and repair, measurement and repair, stationary glass, welding, cutting, joining and more.


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#1. The frame shown in the diagram has been damaged in a front end collision. Technician A says that the frame has sidesway damage. Technician B says that the frame has kickup damage. Who is right?

A only is correct

#2. A lower rail on a unibody vehicle is cracked at the lower control arm/ crossmember mount. The rail should be repaired by:

replacing the lower unibody rail is correct

#3. Which type of damage is LEAST likely to occur on a unibody vehicle?

Diamond is correct

#4. A car has been in a broadside collision. On the side opposite the impact, there is too much gap at each end of the door. Technician A says that bent door hinges could be the cause. Technician B says that a bowed body shell could be the cause. Who is right?

B only is correct

#5. A unibody strut tower is being installed using a GMAW (MIG) welder. Technician A says that a mixture of 75% argon and 25% carbon dioxide could be used. Technician B says that a mixture of 75% argon and 25% helium could be used. Who is right?

A only is correct

#6. An incorrect caster reading on a unibody vehicle could be caused by a bent or mislocated:

front cross member is correct

#7. All of these could be used when replacing resistance spot welds on structural panels on a unibody vehicle EXCEPT:

brass plug welds is correct



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This is an unofficial practice test and should be used as entertainment only.