You can train online to become a certified medical assistant career in as little as 6 – 8 weeks at some schools. Or, you may decide to continue your medical assistant training all the way to an associate’s degree if you want to, if you do you’ll make more money. Medical assisting is a job with good growth potential and starting income, plus high job satisfaction so it’s worthy of consideration!

All college programs should be accredited but especially those in the medical field. Learn why college accreditation is important.

Are Online Medical Assistant Programs A Good Choice?

Online medical assisting programs are definitely legitimate. One word of caution, however: Before you hand over your money for enrollment, make sure the program is properly accredited by the American Association of Medical Assistants. Otherwise, you’ll have wasted cash and time. Your “certificate” won’t get you very far.

There are so many cool things about doing an accredited online medical assistant program, and the amount of flexibility leaves you with room for life. You can work AND go to school because your hours are your own. Just get the work done and assignments in on their due dates. Because you have so much freedom, you can get that certificate in as little as six weeks and for only around $1,000 on average. Many programs allow for different types of financing, so cost shouldn’t ever stop you from entering this fabulous career.

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Where Can I Find a Program?

It’s not too difficult to find a good medical assistant program. They’re available through trade schools and community colleges nationwide. Online schools are even easier, because you don’t have to live in the State your online program is based out of as long as they are accredited in your State.

What to Expect From an Online CMA or Degree Program

The medical assisting programs online are similar in structure to other online programs. You’ll have streaming lectures, videos, discussions in forums, slideshows, and assignments. It doesn’t matter if you’re going full time or less, you’ll always be able to easily locate your weekly lectures and assignments. One thing to keep in mind, there will still be clinicals you’ll need to fulfill, but convenient healthcare facilities will allow you to get your for-credit, hands-on experience.

You’ll take classes such as:

  • medical terminology
  • anatomy and physiology
  • office procedures
  • billing and coding

For a better understanding try an AAMA medical assistant practice test. (will open in new window)

Some of our partner medical assistant schools with accredited online medical assisting programs are:

Even if your area does not have a college with accelerated online training programs, they are generally only about 3 months long at a community college anyway.

The average annual salary of approximately $32,480 makes it even more enticing for the relatively little amount of schoolwork needed.


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