What does an aerospace engineer tech do? Your dream has always been to spend your life around crafts that jet through the skies. But, you just never saw yourself spending a prolonged amount of time stuck behind a school desk. Good news. You only need an associate’s degree to step foot into the rewarding career of aerospace engineer and operations tech.

If you’re not sure what that means, here are some of the tasks you’ll perform:

  • Work alongside aerospace engineers
  • Help build testing facilities for those aircraft systems
  • Test equipment will be made and installed by you
  • Make sure everything is running smoothly
  • Record all the data from the tests
  • Quality control
  • Install equipment in aircraft
  • Use 3D printing
  • Locate any malfunction
  • Test new designs through computer simulation

How to Become an Aerospace Engineer Technician

If you’re in high school, and you already know you want to become an aerospace engineer and operations tech, then you need to really focus your studies in math, science, drafting, and computer skills. You need to have the knowledge to build what the engineer designs.

  • Graduate high school or get your GED.
  • Attend a community college, and get your associate’s degree in engineering technology.
  • OR, get a certificate in computer programming, robotics, or machining.
  • Take advantage of any coop programs if they are offered; it’s for work experience.
  • Graduate with your associate’s degree or certificate.

Aerospace Engineering Technician Salary and Job Outlook

For your first job, you can expect to earn over $43K. Once you’ve gained more work experience, you’ll start earning the median salary: $67K. After you’ve put in more than five years, you’ll start making over $102K.

There will be 800 new jobs posting through 2026. You’ll be working on projects related to our nation’s defense. These types of jobs will require you to have security clearance.