Becoming an administrative assistant doesn’t require years of school or training. If you took computer courses in high school, you already come equipped with much of the basics needed for an administrative assistant.

How to Become an Administrative Assistant

  • Graduate high school or get your GED.
  • Consider taking an administrative assisting program at community college or trade school. However, to get an entry-level position, schooling is not a requirement.
  • Many administrative assistants get their training directly on the job.
  • It can take a few weeks to a few months to learn the ropes.
  • Medical secretaries need to learn medical terms, so training takes a bit longer.
  • Executive secretary will need a few years of previous administrative employment prior to being eligible to work on this higher level.
  • Some college background may be required by some employers to gain entry as an executive secretary.

Administrative Assistant Job Description

If you’re highly organized, great with people, and have a way with the written word, then you would make a very fine administrative assistant. You could work in the corporate world, for a lawyer, in the medical industry, or anywhere someone is needed to manage the front office.

Unsure about what an administrative assistant does? Here’s a short list:

  • Answer the phones.
  • Keep a calendar.
  • Schedule appointments and meetings.
  • Stay on top of incoming and outgoing mail, both snail and electronic.
  • Prepare and edit documents, memos, and other forms of written communications.
  • Keep whatever type of filing system that’s used, up to date and organized.
  • Know how to do light bookkeeping.

You’re the mastermind behind keeping the office you’re employed with running smoothly. Your actual duties will vary by office and type of industry you’re in.