From the recent CDL school graduate with little or no experience to the pro solo driver hauling hazardous materials, there are many different types of truck driving jobs. With each kind of trucker, the responsibility, salary and at home schedule does change. There are many different types of trailers that need to be hauled and multiple endorsements or a certain number of years experience may be required.

12 Types of CDL Driver Jobs

Read on for a list of a dozen different types of truck driving jobs out there.

  1. Entry Level Truck Driving Jobs – You’re just out of CDL school. There are many trucking companies that will hire you as long as the school you graduated from is approved by that company. Also, some companies provide new hires with paid on the job training for some period of time, generally 4-9 weeks. If the company is training you, when they’re confident in your trucking skills, you will typically begin with OTR or regional routes. Search for an entry level trucking job.
  2. Solo Truck Driving Jobs – Solo truck drivers can make their own schedule but they have to be efficient and hard working since the whole job relies on them. Being a successful solo truck driver can be demanding both physically and mentally. But, many solo truck drivers choose this career for exactly the reasons that others avoid it. They like the hard work, open road and freedom it provides. Find a solo truck driving job.
  3. Tanker Truck Driving Jobs – Tanker trucks are used to transport large amounts of gas or other liquids, not necessarily HAZMAT. Tanker truck drivers sometimes transport products longer distances but other times they have to stay within state lines, it all depends on what you’re hauling. Tank truck drivers have a lot of responsibility since driving and delivering procedure must be documented and followed with extreme precision. Search for tanker truck driving jobs.
  4. HAZMAT Truck Driving Jobs – Due to strict rules and regulations regarding the transportation of hazardous materials, a HAZMAT endorsement is required to haul them. Because of the nature of the material and extra training needed, some companies do offer paid training and noticeably higher wages. Search for a HAZMAT truck driver job.
  5. Car Hauling Truck Driver Jobs – Car haulers are hired to transport vehicles from one destination to another. They serve different client needs that include relocation, vacation car delivery, online purchases, and new model deliveries too. The goal of a car hauler is to provide their clients with on-time and damage-free car delivery. Salary can be higher for a car hauler because of their added responsibility and the extra attention to detail needed. Learn about car hauler truck driving jobs.
  6. Flatbed Truck Driver Jobs – Flatbed trailer drivers work for companies that produce goods that cannot be transported traditionally due to their large size or awkward shape. Jobs hauling a flatbed can be more dangerous and the physical work can be difficult. However, due to these considerations, flatbed truck drivers usually have more time at home and make a higher than average salary. Learn more about flatbed truck driver jobs.
  7. Refrigerated Truck Driving Jobs – Refrigerated carriers use a refrigeration unit in the cargo area of the trailer to protect temperature-controlled goods. A refrigerated truck driver may haul goods longer distances than other types of truckers and must monitor and regulate the temperature of the cargo throughout the shipment. Find a refrigerated truck driving job.
  8. Sand Hauling Truck Driver Jobs – The increase in demand for frac sand has resulted in an increase in these high paying jobs. Estimates say 5,000,000 LBS of sand are required for each natural gas well that uses hydraulic fracking. That’s a lot of truckloads! Search for a frac sand hauling job.
  9. Dump Truck Driving Jobs – Dump truck drivers transport construction debris and other materials like dirt, rocks, sand and gravel. Some companies hire individuals with no experience, but specialized training beyond the normal CDL schooling is recommended. Search dump truck driver jobs.
  10. Hot Shot Delivery Driver Jobs – Fast and reliable hot shot truck drivers are valuable to the oil, gas and energy industries. Hot shot delivery drivers haul cargo that is time-sensitive, which means drivers must be on call, experienced and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Read more about hot shot truck driver jobs.
  11. Lease Purchase Trucking – Lease purchase trucking jobs can be a good solution for drivers who want to be owner operators, but don’t have the startup capital required for a truck down payment. Lease purchase trucking companies help drivers make the transition from company driver to owner-operator. Lease purchase truckers earn a consistent weekly paycheck and build ownership in a truck at the same time. Learn more about lease purchase truck driving jobs.
  12. Team Truck Driving Jobs – Team truck driver jobs offer benefits that solo trucking jobs don’t. Simple math, teams of two can more effectively manage their time and can drive more miles than a solo driver can, creating the opportunity to earn more money from 1 truck. Remember, with team truck driving, you always have to keep your partner in mind and space can be limited. Though, modern sleeper trucks are pretty awesome. Search team truck driving jobs.

Quotes from Truck Drivers

“I signed up for Roadmaster, …out of Fontana, California,” … “I didn’t have to pay a cent of the schooling. A lot of the companies will pay your tuition and encourage you to stay.”

“I worked in a factory, and I swore I’d never go back to a factory job. I like the freedom of trucking; it’s one of the best parts. Every day is different. It’s not the same thing day after day. You’re not going in, punching a clock, doing your job, and punching out.”