Online Psychology Courses

Find accredited online psychology and human behavior courses at local trade schools or technical colleges. The schools listed also have financial aid assistance for those who qualify and many have job placement services too.

An education in psychology prepares you for career opportunities in counseling and closely related fields. You can apply your knowledge and skill in areas like human services, healthcare, education, management, sports, and law, though most individuals choose to focus on a specialization.”[ref]

“Psychologists examine human mental processes and how they affect behavior. You will use observation, assessment, and experimentation to develop theories about the beliefs and feelings influencing your patient’s actions.”[ref]

Schools with Online Psychology Classes

Colorado Technical University Online Courses

Grantham University Online Courses

Miles CC Trade/Technical/Degree Classes (Montana)

Keiser University Trade/Degree Courses (FL)

Virginia College Trade & Tech Courses

Sullivan University Vocational & Degree Classes (Kentucky)

The schools and universities listed here are accredited and their accreditation is noted on each school page.

The basic track necessary to becoming a psychologist:

  • Graduate high school.
  • Get a bachelor’s degree in psychology, which takes four years if you go to school full time.
  • Get a master’s degree in psychology, which takes 2-3 years and prepares you for your doctorate program.
  • Get your doctorate in psychology. You can get a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) or Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (PhD). This can take between 4-7 years.
    • The Doctor of Psychology degree focuses on clinical and practical work.
    • The Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology focuses on experimental methods and research.
  • Complete your internship.
  • Work 1-2 years under the supervision of an experienced psychologist.
  • Get your license so you can practice on your own.[ref]


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