Math for Liberal Arts Practice Exam

During your math for liberal arts exam you’ll find questions about real number systems, sets and logic, metric system conversion, geometry, exponents, probability theory and more. This is a short practice exam touching some of these topics.


#1. Harry and Olivia are planning to buy a bedroom furniture set that costs $4,100 plus 6% taxes. They would like to apply for a 0% APR store credit card on purchases for 10 months. How much money do they need to pay in equal installments monthly for the next 10 months such that they will be able to pay off the bedroom furniture set before the 0% APR offer expires?

434.60 is correct

#2. A store sold 1,500 computers and phones in a month. Out of the total number of people who purchased these items, 2% bought a computer and a phone, while the others bought only a computer or an phone. If 1,206 people bought phones, how many people bought computers?

324 consumers is correct

#3. If the figure is constructed out of two semicircles and a square, what is the area of the whole figure? (Round to the nearest tenth of a meter squared)

64.3 m2 is correct

#4. Write a variable expression for the area of a square whose side length is (x + 8) units.

x² 16x – 64 square units is correct

#5. The population growth of an animal species is described F(t) = 320 log(4t + 4), where t is the number of months since the species was introduced. Find the population of this species 8 months after the species is introduced to an area. Round to the nearest whole number.

-1 is correct

#6. Find the mode for the following data: 12, 12, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 25, 29, 33, 37, 37, 39.

12 is correct

#7. The function f(x) = 2.4 + 8 ln x, given in centimeters, models the height of a certain animal species where x is the number of days the animal has been alive. Determine the height of the animal after it has been alive for 16 days.

24.58 cm is correct


This is a practice test and should be used for entertainment only.