Here’s a list of 5 of our favorite YouTube channels to learn about heating, ventilation and air conditioning. In no particular order:

Quality HVACR

Quality HVACR is hosted by Zac DesJardins, who runs an HVAC/R contracting company in central Tennessee. In his videos, Zac takes you along as he installs HVAC systems, performs service calls, and more. He also discusses tools and gives advice on how to enter the HVAC field and make money.

HVAC School

HVAC School is a one-stop-shop for everything HVAC. The channel hosts videos about many topics in HVAC/R including preparation for the EPA 608 exam, the RSES NATE exam, HVAC tips, techniques, fundamentals, and much more. HVAC School is a huge resource for anyone looking to enter into the field.

Fox Family Heating and Air Conditioning

Fox Family Heating and Air Conditioning is based out of Sacramento, California. They are a residential HVAC installation and repair company who are interested in giving you the best information about the HVAC industry. They have videos not only about troubleshooting and installing HVAC systems for pros, but also content about the best HVAC systems and what consumers should look out for.


HVAC Time is hosted by Holden Shamburger. He is an expert in heavy commercial HVAC units and he takes you along as he responds to service calls for various units. Holden’s goal is to bring awareness to the trade and also teach people how HVAC systems work and how to service them. If you are interested in commercial HVAC, HVAC TIME is a must watch.


HVACR VIDEOS started as a way for Chris, the channel’s host, to train his employees. The channel has evolved as Chris takes us along on many service calls to repair both HVAC and refrigeration units, mainly in commercial restaurant settings. He also hosts many Q and A sessions and tool reviews.

If you know any other good channels to check out, leave a link in the comments.

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