GED Reasoning Through Language Arts Practice Test

This GED® reasoning through language arts practice test has questions and answers similar to those that could be asked during your official GED® tests. In this practice test you’ll find questions on punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, and more.


#1. Find the prepositional phrase in the sentence : The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

#2. Insert the necessary amount of commas into this sentence: With an ocean view this beautiful I don’t want to ever go back home.

#3. Insert the correct punctuation: My teachers helped me a lot through school__ I’m very grateful for their support.

#4. Is the sentence in active or passive voice? The bagels were taken out of the oven to cool on a rack.

#5. Determine the correct word: Either the pencils or the pens ___ on my desk.

#6. Which word is the most similar to the word “enumerate”?

#7. Choose the word that is the correct possessive: All the donated ______ pages are torn and stained.

#8. Choose the correct word: Few people ___ typewriters in the 21st century.

#9. Choose the correct spelling: All the ____ we’ve had is due to teamwork!

#10. Choose the right words so the sentences flow: My aunt and uncle live in Colorado, ____I don’t get to visit them very often.